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The goal of this site is to inform the visitor about Dr. Lefteris’ plastic surgery practice, about Plastic Surgery and especially about Aesthetic Surgery.

You will find information about Dr. Lefteris’ qualifications, experience and scope of work; directions where to find him and how to initiate an appointment from the site. The visitor will be provided with information about both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. This site is designed to inform potential patients of Dr. Lefteris, as well as anybody else who visits the site, regardless of whether or not they eventually plan to see him. This information although brief, contains a lot of basic information. The best way for the individual to clear all questions, is to visit the plastic surgeon and discuss her/his unique problem in detail.

Dr. Lefteris practices plastic surgery in Cyprus. The majority of Dr. Lefteris patients come from Cyprus, where recently the demand for cosmetic surgery has risen greatly. A large number come from other countries; some of them are permanently staying in Cyprus, some are visitors.

If you wish to come from another country and have your operation performed here, combining it with holidays, Dr. Lefteris’ office will strive to assist you with your travel plans and local accommodations. Although he is based in Nicosia and Larnaca, he operates in some of the other sea side resorts of Cyprus.

Plastic Surgery cost is very affordable in Cyprus, compared to other European Countries. It is an opportunity not to miss, if you feel self-conscious about part of your body, want to improve your appearance and self-esteem but have limited amount of money.

Complications in Aesthetic Surgery happen, as with other surgery but constitute only a bother and are not serious or frequent. Almost all the candidates for this kind of surgery are physically healthy.

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Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery is a specialty concerned with acute and non-acute conditions, which may be congenital or acquired as a result of trauma, disease, degeneration or ageing in patients of both sexes and all ages. Its aim is the restoration or improvement of function and the normalisation of appearance and well-being.

According to the definition of W.H.O. an individual is healthy, when he/she is physically, psychologically and socially in harmony. Therefore aesthetic surgical operations fulfil true medical needs.

The biggest success of Aesthetic Surgery is the unquestionable support that it gives, to those that have the need, by strengthening their self-respect, self-esteem and the psychological relaxation that follows. These patients feel reborn, happy and accepted by the social community.


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